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What We Do

Chronus Health's portable device allows for real-time diagnosis at the point-of-care providing lab results in minutes, dramatically improving time to care and patient outcomes.

Our initial launch for Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) accounts for 50% of all blood tests performed.

better health outcomes



Enables doctors to provide real-time treatment based on actual lab results




No waiting / follow-ups for patients



Transforms internal workflows at clinics. No more shipping samples and patient backlogs




Higher quality care by significantly increasing patient outcomes / experience


How we

do it

We have cracked the code to the challenging problem of performing multiple blood tests on a low-cost portable platform. We achieved this by leveraging microfluidics, semiconductors, electrical engineering, material science, computational biology, and data science!

Our technology does not require optics (for measurements), reagent bottles (for storage), and pumps (for moving liquids). The entire analysis happens on a disposable test strip where sample preparation, fluid movement, and sensors are embedded. Contact us to learn more.

Our team

Anand Parikh , MBA, MS   Co-founder and CEO

Anand Parikh

Co-founder and CEO

10+ years in Class II and III medical devices. Launched several products at start-up and global corporations generating more than $60M in annual revenue. Last gig as portfolio strategy and operations executive at a private equity firm.

MBA, Masters and Bachelors in Engineering


Ashish Jagtiani

Co-founder and CTO

Holds 5 patents and 29 publications in the field of microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip device and micro/nanofabrication technology. Last gig at IBM, focused on exploratory hardware device development research.

Ph.D, Masters and Bachelors in Engineering

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Mitchell Bond

Electrical Engineer

Expert in design, development, and testing of electronic systems and sensors. Last gig as engineering consultant for several startups.

Bachelors in Engineering


Mingqiang Yi

Microfabrication Engineer

15+ years of hands-on experience working on micro and nano-fabrication technologies with multiple startups. Prior role as co-founder and CEO of Microfluidic Foundry.

Ph.D, Masters and Bachelors in Engineering

Demo Day, Nov 6, 2018

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