Our team

Anand Parikh

Co-founder and CEO

10+ years in Class II and III medical devices. Launched several products at start-up and global corporations generating more than $60M in annual revenue. Last gig as portfolio strategy and operations executive at a private equity firm.

MBA, Masters in Business, B.S. in Engineering

Ashish Jagtiani

Co-founder and CTO

Holds 5 patents and 29 publications in the field of microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip device and micro/nanofabrication technology. Last gig at IBM, focused on exploratory hardware device development research.

Ph.D, M.S, B.S in Engineering

Mitchell Bond

Electrical Engineer

Expert in design, development, and testing of electronic systems and sensors. Last gig as engineering consultant for several startups.

B.S in Engineering

Enrico Grassilli

Microfabrication Engineer

Background in microfluidics and microfabrication. Past experience with separation of Circulating Tumor cells (CTCs). Expertise in particle focussing, separation and sorting.

M.S, B.S in Engineering

Nicole Schwartz

Operations and Marketing

Experience in marketing strategy, marketing communications and operations with a demonstrated track record in start up ventures. Past experience creating corporate identity and launching tech product in seed stage start up.

MBA, Masters in Business, B.S. in Psychology

Dharmendra Singh

Senior Scientist

Cell and Molecular Biology

Expert in cell & molecular biology and cancer biology. Prior role, as a cancer biologist at Nivien Therapeutics focussed on developing and characterizing small molecule inhibitors in drug resistant cancers.

Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular biology, M.S in Microbial genetics and biotechnology


Sreenath Reddy

Software Engineer

Software professional with expertise in all stages of SDLC. Last gig was a conversational AI intern at avaamo.

M.S, B.S in Computer Science and Engineering