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Data Scientist

Primary Responsibilities:

- Help design, build and launch efficient & reliable data pipelines to move and transform data including building vital software infrastructure for data processing and storage

- Design, develop and debug backend software for processing, analyzing and visualizing data generated from our biosensor platform.

- Analyze data by creating baseline or labelled data sets.

- Identify, build and validate algorithms and models for classification of patient samples based on labelled data sets

- Work closely with the engineering team to optimize the development of the biosensor platform by providing strategic thinking, insights and solutions relevant to understanding data and design of experiments

Qualifications and Desired Skills:

- M.S or Ph.D. in Statistics, Applied Mathematics or Computer Science with a focus on Machine learning or equivalent relevant field with 3+ industry experience working with complex medium to large datasets.

- Experience with cleaning, analyzing and visualizing medium-sized, complex data sets is required

- Proficient in numerical analysis and computing with experience with matrix math (2D, 3D)

- Solid understanding of data structures and algorithms.

- Experience different learning algorithms including supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning.

- Programming experience in Python is required (3+ years)

- Experience working with databases such as SQL and postgres is required (2+ years)

- Expert knowledge of data mining, machine learning, optimization and statistical models (3+ years)

- Hands on experience with packages such as pandas, scikit-learn, tensorflow (2+ years)

- Demonstrated ability to clearly explain data results and conclusions