Goodbye central labs

Goodbye central labs

It’s long been a widely-recognized dream of physicians and healthcare administrators to have portable blood testing capabilities in every physician’s office, rather than in central labs. The same way nurses routinely measure patient vitals such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, body temperature, and conduct a basic physical exam, they wish they could have patient’s blood panel results, on the spot, even before the physician walks in the exam room to begin diagnosis.

Introducing IndieBio Class Seven

At IndieBio, we are on a mission to turn scientists into entrepreneurs to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Biology as a technology has now come to the point where we are able to design the world around us with unprecedented speed and precision to improve planetary and human health.

The Future of Diagnostics: Earlier, Faster, and At-Home

You are cordially invited to the IndieBio SF Demo Day on Tuesday November 6th, 2018 at the Herbst Theater.

IndieBio, an SOSV accelerator, is the world’s leading seed-stage biotech accelerator. At IndieBio, we are devoted to building startups dedicated to solving humanity’s most pressing problems with life itself. Our 4-month program includes $250K funding, lab space, and mentorship to foster the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs.

Come see the culmination of IndieBio's latest class of thirteen biotech companies. The teams come from around the globe and span industries from the future of food, consumer biology, therapeutics, to diagnostics.